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Australian Catholic University
Australian Catholic University (ACU) is a public not-for-profit university funded by the Australian Government. As a publicly-funded university, ACU welcome staff and students of all beliefs and backgrounds. ACU is committed to providing equal access to education for all people.

Students undertake professional placements and volunteer work throughout their studies, with many securing excellent jobs before they graduate.

Australian Catholic University (ACU) has seven campuses around Australia. It empowers students to think critically, ethically and to bring about change in their communities and professions.


ACU offers the following scholarships for international students:

  • The International Student Scholarship is open to international postgraduates and undergraduates who have achieved an average result of at least 80 per cent in prior studies.
  • The successful applicants of the Law and Business Faculty Scholarships receive AU$5000 every semester to help cover tuition fees, provided they successfully complete all their enrolled units.
  • A wide range of scholarships is available to international students. Scholarships are specific to countries, study areas and research areas. For more, go to ACU scholarships.

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