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No matter the degree, both undergraduate and postgraduate courses at UON provide students with practical, real-world experience that is highly sought after by all employers. Our degrees are recognised both nationally and internationally and provide a unique mix of theory, with experience in a practical setting and links with industry. Our graduates are competitive in global employment markets and some of our degrees have a 100 per cent employment rate (Bachelor of Medicine and Electrical Engineering). No matter what you study our graduates are sought after and earn a median starting salary that is almost five per cent higher than other graduates.

Get a degree from UON and you open up career opportunities not only here but anywhere in the world. Our teachers and researchers are recruited from all over the world to provide you with the very best learning experience. We partner with more than 100 universities in 25 countries across the globe and provide various programs to gain global experiences while you study. Some of these include international exchange; volunteering; placements and internships; and study tours.


We offer scholarships for international students

A wide range of scholarships is available to international students. Scholarships are specific to countries, study areas and research areas. For more, go to Newcastle scholarships.

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