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Through its worldwide network of offices, iae TORONTO goes to extra lengths to help ensure students are fully supported during their studies overseas.

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The company and vision created more than 30 years ago was established to encompass the full circle of stakeholders in the study abroad journey. With decades of expertise, we acknowledge the profound responsibility inherent in our role. Whether it’s students and parents, educational institutions, or the futures of those we serve, we recognize our duty.

Driven by our overarching mission of transforming lives through education, we embrace this responsibility wholeheartedly. Our vision, encapsulated in our tagline “Create Your Future,” guides us forward.

Our seasoned counselors are dedicated to assisting you in discovering the most fitting programs and institutions in Canada tailored to your requirements. This guidance will support you in your academic and immigration endeavors moving forward.

Looking ahead, we envision our future based on four key pillars:
Quality: Our Direct Recruitment Diversity Proposition (DRDP) will serve as the cornerstone for future recruitment practices, emphasizing quality and diversity.

Presence: We offer transnational educational opportunities with dedicated on-the-ground representation, supporting education partners in key recruitment countries to foster diversity and enhance student experiences.

Social Mobility: We aim to improve the lives of students and families through education, ensuring sustainable recruitment practices enable more students to benefit from international experiences.

Alumni: Building on our alumni network, we will provide lifelong support, including career and migration assistance, to empower our graduates as they navigate their paths forward.

Currently, iae GLOBAL has a presence in Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Nigeria. Furthermore, we extend support to our students in destination countries through offices in Australia (Sydney, Brisbane), Canada (Toronto), New Zealand (Auckland), and the United Kingdom (London).

The commitment and dedication from each of us contributes to helping people change their lives through the power of education. Whether we are supporting people to achieve study, migration or career goals, our impact is powerful and, with this, carries enormous responsibilities. We hold the trust of every customer and their family to help them achieve their dreams. We must nurture this responsibility by having ethical practices, accountable actions, and business integrity.

– Michael Barnes, CEO


Meet our team of experienced Education Planners

Parth Bhatia

Being an international student, an institutional representative and an educational consultant has helped me gain knowledge from various perspectives, which I usually apply in assisting students for their education journey in Canada or anywhere around the world. With more than 7 years of experience, I enable my team to guide students for a successful & bright future by assisting them with their application & other processes.

Nancy Bui


As someone who has walked the challenging path of an international student in Canada, I deeply understand the hurdles and uncertainties you are facing. In me, you’ll find more than a consultant, you’ll find a partner, a guide, a friend who’s ready to walk this path with you.

Linh Nguyen


Bringing a firsthand understanding of both Canadian and Vietnamese cultures, I’m dedicated to assisting you in navigating the diverse opportunities that Canada offers for your education.
Having studied high school and university in Canada, I offer insights into the Canadian education system to help you make informed decisions about your academic journey.

Mir Park


As a person who has several study abroad experiences (Canada, the US, and Germany), I will always be here to support your first step to Canada by finding the best program and institutions for you. My background and experience will definitely help you and add a plus to your path.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns or questions about studying in Canada.
I can speak fluent English and Korean.

Japsimran Singh

South Asia

Hello future scholars! Being a former international student in Canada, I can vouch for the fascinating journey of studying abroad, filled with adventurous experiences and new learnings.
My experience as an international student and as a guide for other international students can help you take the right steps for your academic journey in Canada. So buckle up!!
Let’s sculpt your unique academic journey together – your dreams, iae expertise!
#UnleashYourPotential #InternationalEducation

Soumya Beri

South Asia

I understand the complexities of being an international student in Canada and the diverse challenges that may arise during one’s academic journey, as that’s how I started my Canadian journey. I enjoy sharing my experiences with students and helping with any problem they might encounter during their study abroad journey, starting right from finding the perfect school and program for them.
Let’s work together to make this journey as easy and successful as possible!

Allen Li


Seasoned education specialist with a graduate degree from a Canadian university. With extensive experience in the study abroad market, I am devoted to guiding students toward their dream institutions, ensuring they secure acceptances aligned with their ambitions. At iae Global, I’m your dedicated partner on the journey to academic and professional success.

Iris Zhu


Responsible for Canada, Australia and UK applications, excellent customer service and 5y+ experience in the Education Industry allows me to provide my clients with the most suitable study program for them.

Anna Ryzhova

Immigration Consultant


Looking for a unique study program at a Canadian institution?
As a professional educational planner, I can help you find a program that perfectly matches your future career goals. Let’s collaborate and find the program of your dreams.
Looking forward to cooperating with you!

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