Case Study 3

A Mature Student’s Admission to Sheridan College’s Early Childhood Education Program


Grace Zhang, from Shanghai, China. A Mature student with two children, we assisted her in securing admission to Sheridan’s Early Childhood Education program, while both of her children received offers from TDSB.


  • Bachler’s degree in Law at Beijing Normal University.
  • IELTS:7.5
  • GPA: 85.5/100
  • Work Experience: 4-year teaching experience at The Elementary School Affiliated to Renmin University of China.


  • Mature students are less likely to receive a study permit.
  • Undergraduate studies do not match the major Sheridan is applying for


  • Solid academic foundation and proficiency in IELTS.
  • Extensive experience in the Education industry.
  • Demonstrated a clear understanding of his educational objectives.
  • Had a high probability of receiving admission offers from a wide range of colleges.


  • Offer suitable justifications for your study plan.
  • Although the educational background does not match the program to which the student is applying, the student has four years of teaching experience.


  • Revived the LOA from Sheridan College
  • Successfully received the study permit.
  • Received 3,000 entrance scholarship from Sheridan College

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