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Consider studying in one of the planet’s most stunning, secure, and hospitable nations. Embrace a community of warm-hearted locals who value diversity. Experience equal treatment, pay standard tuition fees, and enjoy full-time work opportunities as a PhD candidate. Upon graduation, earn a prestigious degree recognized worldwide, laying the foundation for a prosperous future.

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Intakes in New Zealand:

In New Zealand, universities typically have two main intakes for international students:

  • February/March Intake: This is the primary intake and corresponds to the start of the academic year in New Zealand. It aligns with the southern hemisphere’s late summer and early autumn months. Most undergraduate and postgraduate programs commence during this intake.
  • July Intake:Some universities offer a mid-year intake in July, corresponding to the start of the second semester. This intake is less common but still available for certain programs and institutions.

Top 10 programs

  1. Agricultural Science
  2. Engineering
  3. Medicine and Health Sciences
  4. Business and Management
  5. Computer Science and Information Technology
  6. Environmental Science and Sustainability
  7. Hospitality and Tourism Management
  8. Creative Arts
  9. Education
  10. Marine Biology and Oceanography

Job prospects in New Zealand:

Job prospects for graduates of New Zealand universities and colleges are generally good. The country’s strong economy, skill shortages in various sectors, quality education, post-study work rights for international students, networking opportunities, supportive immigration policies, and high quality of life contribute to favorable employment opportunities. However, individual qualifications, work experience, industry demand, and economic conditions can influence job prospects.

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