58th WEFC

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Foundation of World Education Fair Canada (WEFC) has been inspired by the directors of two well-profound companies in the international education market in Toronto: iae GLOBAL (iae Eduhouse) Ltd. and Canada Point/MIRA Study Navigator Inc., representing different countries across the globe bringing Korean, Saudi Arabia, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese students to Canada. In 2017 one of the leading recruiters in Latin America with the offices in Panama, Colombia, Venezuela and head office in Toronto, Global Link Studies agency, joined us, making it possible to have more diverse nationality mix at WEFC fairs.

The whole idea behind the World Education Fair Canada (WEFC) is to maximize the outcome of the meetings of the Colleges and Universities, as well as of language schools, with the prospective international students who are in Canada by organizing the pre-screening of the students and assistance with the academic programs selection for them following by one-to-one meetings of the educational institutions representatives and the students. 


Reasons why you should attend WEFC:

  • Public colleges and universities and ESL schools in one location
  • Possibility to meet with the representative of College/University in a convenient location for you
  • Educational counsellors on site to help you with translation into your own language and with composing of your INDIVIDUAL education plan
  • Pre-assessment of your registration with the advice which institutions/programs fit your academic goals
  • You can schedule an appointment with the representative of the College/University you are interested in (maximum 3 meetings)
  • Special prize draw at the Fair
789 Yonge Street, Toronto, Canada
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