iaeCanada’s seminar: Immigration through Express Entry

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Express Entry is a system used by the Canadian government to manage Canadian permanent residence applications.

Being launched since 2015, the sole purpose of this system is to fill the labor gaps through certain immigration programs. There are approximately 250,000 applications submitted every single year, with the eligible percentage of around 70%. This has been providing numerous opportunities for international students all over the world, as well as skilled workers with a good educational background, high language proficiency, and rewarding experience to stay longer in Canda and contribute their knowledge and effort to this big Northern country.

There are many complicated criteria for Express Entry candidates to get into the pool. All the criteria are evaluated through a scoring system called CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). These include the candidates’ age, educational background in and outside Canada, foreign and Canadian work experience, etc…

It is quite incomprehensive for foreigners, especially international students and fresh graduates, to understand this scoring system, calculate their score and know if they are qualified to get the desirable permanent residence card. Therefore, iaeCanda, with the collaboration with Canada Point, is holding the Express Entry Seminar to help them understand the system better.

Seminar Agenda:
_Meet and Greet
_Express Entry and CRS explanation
_All the programs that are eligible for Express Entry
_Q&A session to address participants’ concerns

Benefits for participants:
_Understand the Express Entry better
_Build the roadmap for Canadian Immigration
_50% discount on our immigration consultant services

The entrance is free. Register now with iaeCanada.

iaeCanada's office, suite 602, floor 6, 2323 Yonge Street, Toronto
1 pm to 2 pm

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