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Wilfrid Laurier University
Wilfrid Laurier University
For more than a century, Laurier has been known for academic excellence. Its innovative programs in arts and social sciences, business and economics, music, science, social work and education cover a broad spectrum, but at their heart they reflect a common purpose: Laurier’s determination to address global social, health and environmental problems, and advance creative pursuits.

Laurier’s two campuses are in Waterloo and Brantford, but it also has a Faculty of Social Work in nearby Kitchener and a weekend MBA program in Toronto. In all, it has 19,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Kitchener-Waterloo, with a population of about 350,000, is small enough to be safe and easy to navigate but large enough to offer great art, music, restaurants and other big-city amenities. The campus in Brantford is fully embedded in the student-friendly downtown core and a stone’s throw from the Grand River and many outdoor activities. Both campuses are only about an hour from Toronto, Canada’s biggest city.

Standout programs

  • Business Administration
  • Game Design and Development
  • Law and Arts


Laurier offers Entrance Scholarships ranging from CA$1,000 to CA$2,000, based on your academic achievement. They are awarded at the time you receive an offer of admission and are based solely on grades. You do not need to apply. 

During years two to four (or five for some programs), you may qualify for additional scholarships through Laurier’s in-course scholarship program if you meet specific annual GPA requirements. These are valued from CA$500 to CA$1,500 annually.

Other scholarships are also available to international students.

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