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York University, the 3rd largest University in Canada is a world leader in innovation, research and modern teaching, with over 200+ undergraduate and graduate degree programs offered through 11 faculties. York is focused on pioneering, experiential learning and course design, and cross-disciplinary research.

York degrees enable students to pursue their passion while preparing for the future working world. 93% of York graduates get a job within 2 years of graduating.

York University provides students with the chance to gain vital local work experience within their degree.

Student Success:

  • 1900 student jobs on campus every year
  • 300 + student clubs and associations
  • 2nd largest new student orientation in Canada

York University English Language Institute (YUELI)

York University English Language Institute is Canada’s leading university provider of English-language instruction for academic and professional purposes.

The institute supports the success of over 3,000 international undergraduate students from more than 50 countries each year. All YUELI instructors are required to have a certificate in English Language Teaching from TESL Canada and hold a minimum of a Master’s degree.

International students who take an English-language program through YUELI have higher grade point averages (GPA) and graduation rates than students who do not participate in this language training.
The York University English Language Institute (YUELI) has also been recognized as the 2018-19 World Language School of the Year – North America by iStudy Guide.

The award is the highest recognition for a language institute.

Pathway Programs

Conditional admission to York undergraduate degrees

Before arriving in Canada, YUBridge students are conditionally admitted to a York degree program, provisional on successful achievement of York’s language proficiency requirements. Students can start the YUBridge in three yearly program intakes: in January, May and September.

The YUBridge program provides 25 hours per week of instruction in Academic English classes, language support, tutorials and lectures with for-credit undergraduate courses in the Lassonde School of Engineering, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Health and School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design.

YUBridge students have full access to the same academic and non-academic services as fully admitted York students, including Career Services, Academic Support, Social and Leadership-Development Programs.

By the end of the 8-month program, students graduate with the required level of English (IELTS 6.5 or above) to enter York’s degree programs and, at the same time, can move forward with up to 9 credits towards their degree.

Pre-Destination York (Pre-DY) and Destination York (DY) are intensive 8-week programs designed to prepare students conditionally admitted to York.

To be eligible for the Pre-DY and DY programs, students must be conditionally admitted to an undergraduate course at York University.

These programs provide students with intensive academic language training for successful undergraduate studies.

York University – Biomedical Science and Biotechnology

York University offers some of Canada’s best biological science degrees, with degree opportunities in Biology, Biotechnology, and Biomedical Science. Biology is at the heart of human development, driving development in healthcare, the environment, climate change, food production and much more. A degree in the biological sciences gives graduates the opportunity to tackle some of the big problems facing our society and help to improve our quality of life for the future.

Biology examines every aspect of living things, or organisms from evolution to lifecycle, lifecycle, behaviour, ecology, and more.

Students graduating with a degree in Biology may have a career in areas as diverse as Zoology to cancer research.
Biomedical science examines biological processes and diseases with the ultimate goal of developing effective treatments and cures.

A biology degree specializing in biomedical science provides students with the opportunity to pursue a career in research or medicine, contributing to the well-being of humanity.
Biotechnology is the direct or indirect use of living organisms in an innovative manner in the production of goods and services, or to improve existing processes.

Did you know that cheese and wine are the results of early applications of biotechnology? Biotechnology is used to answer the global challenges of food production, sustainable fuels, diagnosis of disease, and medicine.

York University – Business and Communication

Business and communications degree programs within the Liberal Arts and Professional Studies Faculty at York University are among the world’s most advanced in social sciences, humanities and professional studies. Graduates have high employment opportunities in business, government and communications sectors.

A Bachelor of Arts-Business & Society provides an in-depth understanding of the impact of business on society.

It explores the relations between business, social structures and government — crucial factors in understanding the social environment of business.

A Bachelor of Arts- Business Economics gives students insight into critical business topics such as strategic competition, the internal organization of firms and international issues facing businesses in the changing global marketplace. Business Economics combines economic theories with the field of business administration. The degree focuses on the study and consequences of scarcity and strategic competition in real-world settings at an individual, business and national level.

The Commerce program – offered as a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) and a BCom Specialized Honours in Information Technology (BCom ITEC) – at York is one of the largest business programs in Canada. All Commerce programs at York blend theory and practice to build a deep understanding of how businesses operate.

Students gain the analytical, technical and practical skills to meaningfully apply their knowledge in their professional lives.

A Bachelor of Arts – Communication Studies explores how people gather, share, and use information. This is a degree for students with a passion for radio, film, television, the print media or corporate communications, popular culture and current affairs. The degree examines the theoretical and historical foundations of media, theories of communication processes and the relationship between social, political and economic changes and developments in the communications field.

York University – Computer Science, Engineering and IT

York University is a leader in science and technology, with innovative, engaging learning opportunities, state of the art facilities, and real-life applications of theory and practice.

The Bachelor of Science – Computer Science degree offers students a deep knowledge of the theory and practice of computer hardware and software.

Students learn the theory that underlies computation and how to develop effective, efficient and correct software. The program is intensive in mathematics and computer science courses. A highly practical degree, courses include: Data Structures, Software Design, Communication Networks, Artificial Intelligence and Logic Programming, Database Systems, Building E-Commerce Systems, Data Mining and User Interface.

The Bachelor of Science – Computer Security degree focuses on the privacy of personal data, preventing unauthorized access to computer systems, ensuring back-up contingency plans in the event of data loss and protecting systems from malicious activity. The degree is based on a strong foundation of computer science and math. The degree offers a variety of courses, including cryptography and operating systems, focusing on threats to computer systems and networks and how to defend against them.

The Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology gives students the necessary technical skills for developing and managing IT solutions for organizations. Degree courses include computer programming, database systems, data analytics, user interfaces and web development. Students learn how to analyze, design, develop and maintain information systems. In parallel, courses such as systems analysis and design, IT project management, requirements management, and IT risk management. The degree demonstrates how professionals work together to bring information systems to life in order to fulfil complex business needs.

York University – Health

A York degree in Health allows students to contribute to the global advancement of health and human science for the ongoing betterment of society. Work offers internationally recognized expert teaching staff, leading-edge research, and community partnerships.

The Bachelor of Science – Global Health degree examines global health concerns, contributing causes, and solutions.

The degree explores responses to specific health challenges including communicable diseases (such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, Ebola, and malaria), chronic diseases (such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer), age-related illnesses (such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease), maternal and child health, mental illness, and the health consequences of trauma, violence, war and displacement. The global health program also focuses on the organization, financing and management of health service systems.

The Bachelor of Arts – Health & Society examines health in its social context and looks beyond the limits of medicine as we know it.

The degree explores issues such as health ethics, comparative health administration and health-care planning.

These critical challenges open career pathways in areas of public health policy, community healthcare work, advocacy and healthcare management.

The Bachelor of Health Studies provides an understanding of the health system, how policy decisions change the way the system functions, and how to address the challenges the health system faces, including sustainability, chronic disease and health inequities such as poverty.

The program explores Health Management, Health Informatics (data systems, software design) and Health Policy. Career opportunities in the field are amongst the fastest growing in Canada with professional pathways to healthcare management, information, technology, and policy.

York University – Psychology

York University has the largest psychology department in Canada, offering two pathways to a psychology degree. Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour including thought, feeling and action, and is viewed from social, developmental and biological perspectives. A degree in psychology offers many powerful career paths, from human resources management to neuroscience or child behaviour. The faculty includes some of Canada’s best academics in the field and the York University Psychology degree is ranked in the top 100 globally by QS World Rankings 2017.

The York University specialized Honours Psychology Program for both BA and BSc students provides advanced training in research methods, statistical analysis, guaranteed one-on-one thesis supervision, and prepares students wishing to go on to graduate school.

The Bachelor of Arts-Psychology program offers students a full range of psychological concepts and applications. Students participate in active research projects, and engage with one of the renowned research centres at York, including the Centre for Vision Research, the LaMarsh Centre for Child and Youth Research, and the York University Psychology Clinic.

The Bachelor of Science- Psychology adds a focus on the physical sciences (chemistry, physics, and biology) to a full range of discipline-specific courses. Bridging courses are available for those missing either a math or science prerequisite for entry to the BSc degree.

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