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You’ve sent in your CV: What happens after 6 seconds… - Interested in studying in Canada? Enquiry IT is said that the average recruiter or hiring manager reviews a resume in only six seconds.Is this actually true? If so, why? More importantly, what happens next?When a recruiter places an advertisement on an online job board, they can expect to receive somewhere between 20 and over 100 […]
York University – unique and innovative programs - Interested in studying in Canada? Enquiry York University, the 3rd largest University in Canada is a world leader in innovation, research and modern teaching, with over 200+ undergraduate and graduate degree programs offered through 11 faculties. York is focused on pioneering, experiential learning and course design, and cross-disciplinary research.York degrees enable students to pursue their […]
University of New Brunswick-The Hidden Gem - Interested in studying in Canada? Enquiry Founded in 1785, Univeristy of New Brunswick is one of the universities with the longest history in Canada and all over the world. UNB is also the first English-language university in Canada, eventhough the first spoken language in the area is Wolastoqey latuwewakon. University of New Brunswick is in […]
Ryerson University – Modern learning in urban Toronto - Interested in studying in Canada? Enquiry Gain a career-driven education and real-world experience right in the heart of Ontario’s capital Ryerson is one of the leading universities in Canada, with world-class faculty on a campus that celebrates modern architecture. The university’s advantage over the others is that it is centrally located in downtown Toronto, which […]
Myths about studying in Canada - Interested in studying in Canada? Enquiry We are busting five common misconceptions that could be holding you back from choosing Canada as your study destination. Read on for some reassurances about this amazing country.Myth #1: Toronto and Vancouver are the only places to study in CanadaToronto and Vancouver are certainly a top draw for international […]
Job interview tips - Interested in studying in Canada? Enquiry 5 points that will add impact to your next interview.1.      First impressions countBelieve it or not – 5% of prospective employers decides whether they are going to hire you within the first 20 seconds and 30% within the first 5 minutes of meeting you!The unspoken rule when meeting people in […]
10 things to know before moving to Canada - Interested in studying in Canada? Enquiry Having second thoughts about moving to Canada? Read on for just some of the ways living in the ‘Great White North’ will change your life for the better: 1. Vast beauty The second largest country in the world, Canada is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west, the […]

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